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Michael Jackson taken by Paramedics
Isn’t it interesting that on the day that Michael Jackson was reported to have died, several other reports of other ‘famous people’ who have died have also surfaced.

Other celebrities such as Jeff Goldblum, Harrison Ford, and Tom Hanks have also been reported to have died, however all of these reports are said to be false, so what actual evidence is there that the ‘King of Pop’ has actually died, apart from the say-so of a handful of people who could easily have been apart of the entire conspiracy!

If you take a careful look at the...
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Joe Jackson is going to be introducing screenings of the upcoming Michael Jackson film This Is It at select venues in England.

He will be reportedly pocketing $250,000 for these intros as well as telling stories about his son to the audience. A source reveals that "he stands to make more from these London shows than from his Vegas deal."

We're not even surprised by this man's horrific behavior anymore.

He doesn't care about anything except for money!
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Isn’t it interesting that on the day that Michael Jackson was reported to have died, several other reports of other ‘famous people’ who have died have also surfaced.

Other celebrities such as Jeff Goldblum, Harrison Ford, and Tom Hanks have also been reported to have died, however all of these reports are said to be false, so what actual evidence is there that the ‘King of Pop’ has actually died, apart from the say-so of a handful of people who could easily have been apart of the entire conspiracy!

If you take a careful look at the image which is supposedly Michael Jackson...
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The king of Pop, Michael Jackson is reported to have died at the age of 50 from Cardiac Arrest. Reports from TMZ.com indicate that Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. When paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells TMZ Jackson died of cardiac arrest.

Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.
A source inside the hospital...
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It is reported that Michael Jackson’s family is very unsettled and suspicious regarding the circumstances of his death. It has emerged that the family members may wish to seek an independent autopsy, amid mounting anger and frustration over the final hours of the tragic pop icon’s life.

The preliminary autopsy on Jackson was inconclusive and a final cause of death would not be known until exhaustive toxicology tests are completed in “six to eight weeks.”

This time frame is just too long for the shattered family to wait for answers regarding what really happened in the moments...
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Michael Jackson waves to fans at his Final Press Conference in March 2009.
There seem to be so many conflicting stories in regards to the true state of Michael Jackson’s health prior to his death on Thursday 25th June. It’s a well known fact that Jackson had been following a gruelling schedule in preparation for his much anticipated ‘This is it Tour at London’s O2 Arena.

After the announcement of the Concerts, demand for tickets proved to be enormous, and the run was eventually extended to 50 concerts, with hundreds of thousands...
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The body of Michael Jackson being taken into UCLA medical center
Why is it that Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, fled the scene moments after Michael Jackson is said to have collapsed?

Police were unaware of Dr Murray’s location for several hours before they were able to establish contact, prompting speculation he had fled. They have already interviewed him once and plan to do so again.

Perhaps it was a classic case of ’Misdirection’ – a popular technique used in performing magic tricks. ‘Misdirection takes advantage of the limits of the human...
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Reports that Michael Jackson’s doctor was missing after the singers death on Thursday 25th June sparked speculation that he administered the fatal injection of pain killers that ended the life of the ‘King of Pop’.

POLICE have been investigating the claims that Michael Jackson received a pain-killing injection of the drug Demerol a short time before his death, amid intense pressure to prepare for a series of lucrative comeback concerts in London next month.

Michael Jackson’s autopsy results are delayed while his body is tested for prescription drugs. Cardiologist Doctor Conrad...
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In an article posted on CNN.com it has been revealed that Lisa Marie Presley has announced on her My Space page that Michael Jackson knew and spoke of his fear of meeting the same fate as her father, Elvis Presley.

Jackson talked with her about his death during “a deep conversation” 14 years ago about “the circumstances of my father’s death.”

“At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, ‘I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did,’ ” Presley wrote.

“I promptly tried to deter him from the...
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With the news that the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson passed away by Cardiac Arrest on June 25th, several conspiracy theories have emerged, especially with Internet news reports questioning why his personal doctor had been with the singer at his home but unable to help him and why reports of the singer’s death took so long to confirm.

Crowds at UCLA Medical Center for death of Michael JacksonEarly theories posted on internet forums included the suggestion that Michael Jackson had faked his death and pocketed money from his upcoming comeback performances to solve his financial difficulties...
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One side of the story claims he was dead for hours, with the paramedics reporting "Lividity":

See this excerpt from a radaronline article posted here:


"A close friend of Jackson', Dr. Steven Hoefflin, spoke to the paper with the permission of Michael's mother to confirm the forms findings.

"He had no pulse and was not breathing. They gave him an electro-cardiogram but he was flatlined....
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The question:

So, what are you expecting at the end of the movie? We all know that it has a 'surprise ending' and it is being kept top-secret! But, honestly apart from Michael appearing at the end of the movie in a Liberian girl fashion saying "Okay everybody, that's a wrap" in a re-recorded 2009 video clip! I can't think of anything! But secretly I am hoping for a bit off shirt-ripping-gold-panty-bouncing-jumping-action! You?!

The odd thing:

I have searched high and low, but I still can't seem to find out how long This is it runs for? Do you guys know?...
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They say he died on June 26th.


I think everyone in the world knows he died on june 25th
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Have you got your tkts for this is it
Sad i havent got mine
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It's regarding the memorial
being listed as a project directed by Kenny Ortega! Also because it was brought to my attention that the IMDB page has been updated and more weird info. has been added!

Okay! Maybe I am making too much of this movie thing! but has any one
noticed that Michael Jackson's memorial is listed under Kenny Ortega's list of
directed projects! Again maybe I am making too much of it and maybe is just a
coincidence but if you click on the link below it takes you to the list of cast
in the memorial. All the people who participated...
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Hello to All,

Just a question and observation...
The Pastor for MJ's memorial looks familiar to me.
Even tho it may be just a likeness to someone else but wondered if anyone else had seen him in a previous movie before..?
I may be wrong tho...

Rev Lucius Smith

Also, I
Directed by

Kenny Ortega

Cast (in credits order)

Michael Jackson ... Himself (archive footage)
rest of cast listed...
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generel talk 32534710

generel talk 32534810

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8yKcmru0JM Dont know if this has any relevence to the hoax but if you click on this link when Mariah Carey is singing you can twice see someone moving the curtain and peeking. Sorry if this has been spotted before but it has spooked me!It is at 59 and at 1.41.
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that was posted on twitter:

We THINK all the rehearsals were done by JUNE? No they were not. He had enough time to rehearse after that when every1 4t he was dead.
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I went and checked a few things......now I am worried


need to take a closer look at this man. I believe there is strong
indication of him being a part of the Illuminati. He is clearly bent on world domination. He has pointedly expressed a desire to rule the world. And...he appears to be positioned as the 'favorite son' of (shall we say) Illuminati/USA.

you look carefully, Schwarzenegger signs off on every single aspect of
the globalist agenda...the bogus "war on terror"...the emerging police
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This is it. This is great. And Michael is still here with us.

what do you think?
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read this and see what you think? i think hes coming

back sept.21 2010 michael on nov.5 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read that U2 are going to perform a free concert on November 5th at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to mark 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall as part of the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Now wouldn't THAT be the right time and place for Michael's comeback?

The greatest demonstation...
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There's A Man
Who Plays The Game Of Life So Well
There's Such A Man
His Thoughts You Can Never Tell
And It's Just The Way He Thought It Would Be
'Cause The Day Has Come For Him To Be Free
Then He Laughs, He Kicks And Rolls Up His Sleeves
I'm Alive And I'm Here Forever
This Is The Man

And It's Just The Way He Thought It Would Be
'Cause The Day Has Come For Him To Be Free
Then He Laughs, He Kicks And Rolls Up His Sleeves
I'm Alive And I'm Here Forever
This Is The Man

There's A Man
Everybody Thought They Knew
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PPBmylife has posted a new video. Some of the comments are interesting.
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Michael Jackson's 50 concerts in London were just a warm-up to a vast, three-year world tour including Australia.

Kenny Ortega, Jackson's lifelong friend and director of his concerts and the new documentary This Is It, said the King of Pop had grand plans for a final marathon tour of the globe before retiring.

Australia was on top of Jackson's list of concert destinations.

"Oh yeah," Ortega told AAP during an interview in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

"He loved Australia."

Ortega painstakingly edited 100 hours of footage of...
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generel talk Iron-m10

- Michael Jackson is gone!

- Oh, yeah he is a real gun!

He is a massive weapon!

Unlike most of formal and informal speechless raves about the killer of the year TII wording: "I HAVE NO WORDS!!!", TNZ's review of "IT"...
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Follwing the credits, after the screen is black (or green depending on the cinema) Michael comes back onto the screen and says

"……unbuttoned….button up my shirt…………just let me breathe, I'll come in on my own time……..".

To unbutton/button up:

Idioms & Phrases
button up

Close securely, fasten, as in The house was all buttoned up, or Button up your coat it's very cold. [Late 1500s]

Also, button one's lip. For example, Please button your lip about the surprise. A variant of this usage, button...
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Four months have passed since that special day, but you carry on discussing version, creating new ones.
In this investigation chase you dont see the reason. The reason why he left.
If someone attempts to say something like Oh, come on, hes alive. He just staged his death.
This person gets outrageously attacked: He wouldnt do this to us! He is not like that!
Why are they so aggressive? Saying this they think only of themselves. About their feelings. About their pain.

But no one thought about his feelings. Everyone forgot! Forgot what he has been trying to say...
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Okay, I'm gonna tell you again, which I have posted several times before, about how I felt from day one.

Let's start with the messages of the songs,concerts and music videos of Michael. He touches very much on racism, poverty, nature, children, the sick, even war victims, 911 victims, natural disaster victims, drug victims - and all of these things the media never showed or covered to show the real Michael Jackson. They distorted the facts and maligned him. So, Michael has a big scale...
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Shocked affraid im stil reading great find thanx study Shocked
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This showing is it is to be extended in North America and they havn't ruled out extending in other countries. Why doesn't this surprise us?

'This Is It' tops worldwide box office

Jackson docu wins domestic, foreign markets


<table border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=100><tr><td>
Paramount’s 'Paranormal Activity' dipped just 22% to finish in second place.</TD></TR></TABLE>

div#relatedBox {margin:5px;}

More Articles:
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someone on mjhd posted this

Hey All
I have been reading all your posts for awhile, but have never really thought of posting until I felt I had something substantial. Like a lot of you I have been following the Hoax videos on youtube and
reading the forums. I started doing some research on my own but it wasn't until I seen one of your users post and a link for http://www.healt…..heworld.tv...
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I didn't post it back when it was on, but since I noticed something
different all of a sudden today, I decided to share. It's late here,
probably I am looking into things too much, but I thought I'd give it a

August 21 there was the raid at Mickey Fine Pharmacy. When we were
looking TMZ on the livestream, suddenly there was this circusguy in
front of the camera's. Just standing there for a while. If you are
familiar with the PT Barnum theory, you will know what I mean. Was this
also a clue? And the name of the pharmacy…. Mickey (=) Fine?
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Earth Song Demo