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 the Eviel side of the mj movie

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The Evil Side of the Michael Jackson Movie

Thursday, October 15, 2009
By Editorial Staff

the Eviel side of the mj movie Michael-jackson-this-is-it-soundtrack-movie-poster-devil-head-300x300Things may be different from how they might seem.
The main poster for the movie of Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal footage This Is It looks like a devil head. The silhouette of Michael’s body makes a devil horned head with his arms being the horns. It especially makes sense after combining it with the image of Sony’s other official ad seen below in this article. Some people may say the observations are reaching, but evidence illustrates that this devilish image would not be the first occult symbolism used by entertainment companies.
If one has been researching this topic, one knows that images of the Devil are frequently used by the major music companies and their musicians. An example is in a quick scene in Rihanna’s “Umbrella” video where she bows down inside what looks like a silver Freemasonic pyramid holding her arms up to look like devil horns with her body being the devil face. The video still is shown below. Beyonce has worn outfits with the image of the Devil on them as seen here: http://peoplemagazinedaily.com/?p=983. Bono of U2 has a devil-like alter ego “Mr. MacPhisto.” A member of American Hi-Fi wore a baphomet devil shirt at this year’s VMAs. The Rolling Stones made the song “Sympathy for the Devil” and had an album titled Their Satanic Majesties Request. Ozzy Osbourne created the song “Mr Crowley” (gic) about Aleister Crowley. There are so many examples. If nothing more, it is definitely a marketing tactic.
the Eviel side of the mj movie Rz3*I&bids=146261
If you notice in the Jackson poster, he is wearing a sparkly glove on his left hand. Michael has not the Eviel side of the mj movie Rihanna-umbrella-silver-devil-pyramid-300x296worn that famous glove for many years, especially after he was fighting with executives at Sony Music. He wore it mostly during the time of Thriller. Michael would probably not wear that glove if he was alive. It was a gimmick that later represented the oppression of the music corporation that had him locked into a contract he did not like.
Now that same company Sony is reusing the symbolic glove. They reportedly paid about $60 million to AEG Entertainment for the video rights and now can do whatever they want with it. There are a lot of people who believe the glove was taken from the gloved characters in the movies of the occultist, devil worshiper Fritz Lang.
The robotic glove resurfaced as a trend before Michael Jackson’s death being used by musicians, such as Beyonce, Fergie, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and Will Smith. Some of these musicians and others have also recreated scenes from Fritz Lang’s films in their videos and concerts, which supports the theory that the robot gloves were inspired by Lang. It is unknown if any of these people know what they are representing. See our articles, such as http://peoplemagazinedaily.com/?p=983 and http://peoplemagazinedaily.com/?p=1369
Some people believe Michael was encouraged to use occult and Freemasonic symbolism in his the Eviel side of the mj movie Freemason-apron-eye-of-horus-compass-150x150videos, performances and music at the time of Thriller. Examples includes the illuminated black and white Masonic Temple floors in the “Billie Jean” video and his demonic transformation in the “Thriller” video.
In later videos by Michael he seemed to renounce the occult symbolism, such as in “They Don’t Care About Us.” At one point he stands in-front of an illuminated evil eye painted on a Brazilian wall, the Eviel side of the mj movie Eye-of-horus-pyramid-dollar-bill-freemason2-150x150which is similar to the Illuminated Freemason Eye of Horus Pyramid. A Freemason apron is pictured to the left.
By the eye painting he sings, “Will me; thrill me; you can never kill me.”
Michael described in this interview the “conspiracy” against him:

In a second official poster for the film seen here, Sony Pictures has Michael’s silhouette making the devil sign with his left hand. It seems the hand was altered to look that way, and if we can remember properly, Michael did not ever really make that hand sign. See the posters at Michaeljackson.com.
This devil horns hand sign and the devil head poster seem to possibly be apart of an agenda at Sony. There is a lot of speculation that a sect of the major music industry is Luciferian, which means the worship of Lucifer specifically. Please do your own research, see some of the documentaries on YouTube and elsewhere and read some of our other articles for further information.
the Eviel side of the mj movie Michael-Jackson-this-is-it-movie-banner-devil-hand-sign-sony-300x121Do you remember several years ago around 2003, Michael even accused his former boss Tommy Mottola of being a “devil” and a “racist?” At that time Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Mottola was the head of Sony Music Entertainment. Below is a picture of Michael holding up a poster with Mottola as a devil.
Michael and brother Jermaine said to Connie Chung on CNN Dec. 31, 2002 that Sony executives were bigots.
“At times, Michael Jackson tried to fight off the negative publicity, accusing his own record company of racist behavior,” Chung said.

Michael said, “Racism is bad. And I’ve made billions of dollars for Sony. And they — what they did was really terrible. And I just leave it up to some of their other artists, too.”
CHUNG: “Your brother has made a number of court appearances recently. And his behavior has been kind of strange. He was sort of making faces like the devil. And what was that all about, do you think?”
J. JACKSON: “That was during recess. And there were some fans in the courtroom. And he was saying hi to them. And they were making faces at him. And he was making faces back at them. But the way that was portrayed, as if he was making faces at the judge or whomever, that wasn’t the case. But things are always revealed the wrong way, because this is what has happened. I think his consciousness has become a threat to society out there. And that’s why whatever he does is being portrayed the wrong way.”
CHUNG: “What do you mean his consciousness has become a threat to society?”
J. JACKSON: “Meaning that Michael has put himself in the position to be economically independently strong financially. And they’re going to say things.

“I mean, I didn’t see the clip that you showed. But to say racism, yes, there were words that Tommy Mottola referred to a rapper as a fat black N-word. And we know that that album — I mean, you’ve seen the papers in New York.”
CHUNG: “Well, you’ve jumped onto a different subject. And I just want to clarify for our viewers that…”the Eviel side of the mj movie Michael-jackson-devil-poster-tommy-mottola-sony-300x272
J. JACKSON: “OK, I’ll finish.
“Irv Gotti was referred to as a fat black nigger, Irv Gotti [said in context]. And these are things that go on. I mean, we look at the Enron situation. The record industry is the same way. And then there was something about his album and he’s blaming Sony for the sales. But there are a lot of other artists complaining about sales. It was just in the trades in the last three months, there’s $45 million to $50 million being lost at Sony. So, who’s to blame?”
CHUNG: “Well, Jermaine, I know. Just so that we can clarify for our viewers, he did say that this record executive named Tommy Mottola was racist. But that’s a different subject.
“I’m just talking about your brother’s behavior, which has been — don’t you think it’s kind of strange?”
J. JACKSON: “But, Connie, when you show a clip and you say that he’s accusing someone else of racism, then I have to defend that, because my brother wasn’t brought up to be racist. He wasn’t brought up to accuse anybody that way. But when someone refers to someone else that way, you have to depict that.”
The entire interview transcript can be viewed here: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0212/31/cct.00.html
Sony and Tommy Mottola’s alleged poor treatment of Jackson might be explained by the following summary from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Mottola#cite_note-4 that was corroborated by Michael in interviews over the years: “Michael Jackson was waiting for the licenses to the masters of his albums to revert to him; this allowed him to promote his old material how he liked and prevented Sony from getting a cut of the profit. Jackson expected this to occur early in the new millennium; however, due to various clauses in the contract, this revert date was still many years away. Jackson began an investigation, and it emerged that the attorney who represented the singer in the deal was also representing Sony, creating a conflict of interest. Jackson was also concerned about another conflict of interest. For a number of years, Sony had been pushing to buy all of Jackson’s share in their music catalog venture. If Jackson’s career or financial situation were to deteriorate, he would have to sell his catalog. Thus, Sony had something to gain from Jackson’s career failing. Jackson was able to use these conflicts as leverage to exit his contract early. Just before the release of Invincible, Jackson informed the head of Sony Music Entertainment, Tommy Mottola, that he was leaving Sony. As a result, all singles releases, video shootings and promotions [were impaired].Sony disputed claims that they had failed to promote Invincible with sufficient energy, maintaining that Jackson refused to tour in the US.”
Michael and sister LaToya have said repeatedly that Michael believed he would be murdered for his music publishing rights. And now, Michael is worth more dead than alive.
Report on LaToya’s accusations:

Michael Jackson greatly disliked Sony, and it is a disgrace Sony is the owner and profiteer of the movie This Is It.

P.S, There used to be a video on YouTube made by people claiming to be M.J.’s friends and brothers. It had a lot of Michael interviews and several lectures with him saying there was a conspiracy against him. If anyone can find it, please let us know where it is. Thanks.

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