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“When the fight begins within himself,
a man's worth something.”
Robert Browning

TNZ express our joy with the fact that Comeback campaign successfully gains momentum and step by step comes to the crunch BAM!; therefore we are going to summarize several trends and developments of last month related to MASS IDENTITY CRISIS without any misgivings to spoil the game.

In the first part of the article, we gave our careful consideration to the syndrome we called by the name of John Malkovich “Being Michael Jackson”. The Phenomenon of taking every false Michael Jackson for an original, inextinguishable longing to treat all and sundry as Michael Jackson himself has made rapid strides since the previous publication against all the odds.
“EVERYBODY CAN BE MICHAEL JACKSON” idea was also widely accepted in last Halloween. Mr. Jackson became the most in-demand ghost-star for the overall celebrities' desire to try trick or treat luck at "Being Michael Jackson" that holy night.
Moreover, web society was aflutter with the several new doctrines and turn-ups of our game such as magnificent in its beautiness theory by Mo&Souza: «IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO» and impressively scary story of serial web-maniac “Heartbreaker-Mindfucker” claims to be highly respected Mr. Jackson. Not with standing general sickness of symptoms, we were unfeignedly glad at them because of alluring prospect to analyze this “clinical significant events”.


«It's all for L.O.V.E.»

We are ready to bet that almost everyone within the last few months was repeatedly dismayed at quality and quantity of coincidences. As if someone invisible in the dark reads exactly your thoughts and speaks exactly your words. It could happen to you in Twitter, in Chat rooms, in MySpace, etc. It could come to you with voices and phrases of your mutual virtual friends. It could frighten you and fascinate you at the same time.
We can’t defy the enchantment of these charming synchronicities either. But, first and foremost, we can’t deny our omnivorous curiosity, killing heaven-sent sense of humor and rational approach that leads us to the main question as usual: HOW IT WORKS?

In spite of the fact that Mr. Jackson controls precisely the main cyberspace of his alternative reality, it appears to be dubious that he is physically able to keep a close watch on every puppetmaster in order to coach them personally how to play his game.
Obviously, he commands the service of Team America well-trained experts’ crew. Each of them guides several liegemen and manages them to provide the effect of the confidential collective immersiveness and to transmit this mystical infection to ordinary player-spectators to participate in and live with. Including illusive communication with blackout Mr. Jackson peculiarly.
Hardly anybody can refuse all seductions of this illusion. Therefore, owing to “Being Michael Jackson” syndrome and mass anticipation of wonder, collective consciousness is beginning to create its own illusions, fantasies and fictions all by itself.
One of these fabulous creations is a heartrending horror about cyber-maniac who constructed the clumsy likeness of Mr. Jackson’s image. Allegedly, this paranoid android rips up girls’ hearts as tin cans with keen knife by household NLP brand. Allegedly, he gets their brains out, he blows up their minds and irreversibly disables for rational thinking his victims, head over heels in love with his Frankenversion of Michael Jackson.
We have taken apart clinical record of this patient (you can do it here or there) and NOW WE GONNA GIVE HIM UNSHIRTED HELL came to reach the following conclusions:

1. We are dealing with independent perverted manipulator infected with the same “Being Michael Jackson” disease in its most severe form. Probably he’s unemployed (twenty-four-hour web-surf for busy man is dreadfully problematical) and dead lonesome for his aims to get nothing but love, adoration and moral repression of his preys. He can easily be part time social psychologist doing his undergraduate's thesis. At this rate, he’s doing everything to be flunked out.

2. We promise you, that if anyone from hoax-insiders’ staff even tried to get absorbed in playing the part of Mr. Jackson, he would get the bounce like a shot for the abuse of rank and incompetency. Immediately. So that he may read the latest research literature round subliminal programming and neuropsychology in newly found spare moments.

3. Third version is out of the question at all. Well, we can concede that communicating with the opposite sex might trouble Mr. Jackson in real life. But it does not seem possible that His Majesty
could ever lapse
into such a cheapie,
and hackneyed
pickup artist.

To sell ourselves the authenticity of the fake means not just to certify Mr. Jackson as sick and insane sadist, but also to deny completely his refined taste in art and sense of modern age - we can't deny it ever by any stretch of our imagination.

We would like to get the serious thought over to our readers that any manipulator could gain the upper hand exactly over some one who initially allows himself to be deceived, who is instinctively aiming to be the object of manipulations. The trick of the maniac amusement is that you become infected with your own airy-fairy schemes extremely hard to refuse because you've already swallowed the hook. But you, unlike the hooked fish, always have a fair chance to avoid an even more pain. You have your perfect freedom to get yourself off the hook of your obsession. However hard it may be to deny belief in the reality of miracles it makes good sense sometimes, especially when you are on the wrong track.

In all objectivity, we must admit that MASS IDENTITY CRISIS didn't start from nothing. It derives directly from Global Economic Crisis Mr. Jackson’s personal IDENTITY CRISIS; so this fact is not a speck of subject for stricture indeed, but a bonus-curse to the gift frequent companion of any gifted man that might be used as plentiful source of inspiration.
Nevertheless, TNZ entertains an evergreen hope that multiplying entities beyond necessity and playing through one character to another Mr. Jackson -
the very Mr. Jackson
who always knows his way about -
will never lose
the only way
to be back
to himself.


Charlie Kaufman: The only idea more overused
than serial killers is multiple personality.
On top of that, you explore the notion that cop
and criminal are really two aspects of the same person.
See every cop movie ever made for other examples of this. 

Donald Kaufman: Mom called it "psychologically taut".

As is easy to see, doubles’ theme has a special place in Mr. Jackson’s later work also known as HOAX. Dave Dave’s mirror allusions, “look-alike contest” on Thirty Miles Zone, endless photo ears’- hands’-tails’- noses’ comparing and many other exciting ways to feel yourself a real Columbo.
So even a quite feasible story about body-doubles used for highly dangerous stuns like shopping, press conferences and other risky public appearances pale in comparison to TWINS theory by Мо&Souza inspired with “The Prestige” by Christоpher Nolan They reached the altitude of they own intelligence thereby not just putting emotionally unstable readers into black out, but also committing Souza&Mo-mental suicide

As we already counterargumented it in a kind of a science manner, according to Probability theory, there is no probability of one human family to give birth to twins of the same genetic disease vitiligo, alike in exceptional gifts, but different in growth hormone level.
As well as the only rationale for alternate concealment of two same-name whizzkids within 51 years is Secret Extraterrestrial Biomaterial Telegenesis Federal Program.
We tend to suppose that human appetite to believe in even TWO Michaels Jacksons is of similar nature with aspiration to order double cheeseburger or double whiskey and soda.
Anyway, we would not recommend oversensitive part of audience to take this absorbing space opera at face value. As well as any other extravaganza and conspiracy subplots within THE GAME. It will be recalled, that The very Prestige is in easy solutions, however inconceivable they may seem.


- Blackthorn bush is my sweet home, Brother Fox!
(Harris D. "Uncle Rimus fairy-tales")

That was just a half of the story. Double doze of doubles’ expert Mo&Souza doubled stake in absurd and increased the numbers of Mr. Jackson’s body doubles with their special TII review round theme line “WE ARE NOT SURE THIS WAS HE!”.
Btw, Double Theme was developed with Double Movie Theory. Whereas we stoutly keep on maintaining that TII is not double but trailer of something so much more planned for 2010.
We’re going to explain a bit below why there is no need to take it to heart. In the meantime, let’s take a look more closely at marketing side of all Double stories.

Rumours about doubles in TII began to ooze out long before the release. It was done so successfully that Thirty Miles Zone allegedly were glad fain to deflate them.

As you remember from «Uncle Remus Fairy-Tales», Brother Rabbit asked Brother Hoax Fox not to throw him in the Blackthorn bush with the very propose to get there.
It follows therefrom, besides "I'M GONNA BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANNA SEE” that YOU HAVE TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT MR. JACKSON WANTS YOU TO SEE. In other words if Mr. Jackson wants you not to see doubles, you will not see them ever. Even if they were used. The converse is also true and if you do see doubles, it means that Mr. Jackson wants you to see doubles, even if there were no doubles at all. Therefore, if he really wants it, he will do everything to make you seek doubles and find them eventually. In this regard obvious fake so-called “O2 guy” is worthy of special attention. Mr. Jackson pursued not even double, but trouble treble goal by that hoax performance.
1. to avoid transpicuous lie from the first person in the face of audience.
2. to teach the audience to look for doubles in TII
3. to teach the audience to think twice. Do think twice.

In summary, we get psychological thriller the greatest trailer ever starring Mr. Jackson in the lead role of Michael Jackson and co-starring Mr. Jackson as multiplied doubles of Michael Jackson.

Actually, there is no difficulty for Mr. Jackson to act the part of his own double. All it takes of him is to do something unideally or unperfectly. To chew a gum not gracefully enough. To tell a phrase with non-superb articulation. To dance mistimely once. To sing wrong for ear monitor or just to put it allegedly in wrong ear. The public is immediately up to write it off to doubles’ slips. Though their super-perfect hero WOULD NOT DO IT EVER.

Nevertheless, the more doubles Mo&Souza describes the more times people go to the theatre to witness that they have not seen before.
Not least because of it, the theatrical run for This Is It, initially slated for a two-week release, was extending until the end of the year. The film has already grossed approximately $240 million worldwide since its release on October 28th and seems to be this is not also it.
It appears that Mr. Jackson, on top of the long list of his reward, records and titles, will widely tipped to be entitled to the style of The King of Marketing by the time his return.
Beyond all questions, there is the most reason for such a masterly marketing to be ranked as the art with a capital A.

And if somebody is eaten up by the Royal royalties and worried about the fact that Mr. Jackson earns too much money, we will tell the world that the man deadly addicted to charity and feels permanent irresistible impulse to save the planet will be definitely able to find a right use for this game gain.

As for script-duo called Mo&Souza and their presentation technique, we know the only band to make fun of Mr. Jackson and his infinite derivatives in such an offhand manner. It’s True News Zone. No we are not because of badly good taste corporate conduct. It is Mr. Jackson and his infinite derivatives.
So fill in the blanks.


“An incredible berserko-surrealist rollercoaster
of world-girdling conspiracies, intelligent dolphins,
the fall of Atlantis, who really killed JFK,
sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, and the Cosmic Giggle Factor.”
(New Hackers Dictionary about "The Illuminatus! Trilogy)

As far as the cat is out of the bag and almost every barber investigator knows that we have to do with such a tool of
viral marketing like Alternate Reality Games, we are not about to repeat it once again, since we are really tired to hint at Augmented Reality during two month. We just want to give a little heed to things we wonder people tend to take no heed at all.

From the early beginning of June 25 all manner of improbable and unbelievable plots and pieces of unraveling of the action were due to audience attention. Some of them have not become naturalized in investigators’ collective consciousness because of over-complexity and whimsicality such as...

1. Immortal Scape Goats Illuminati (or Masons or any other plumy attractive for teens characters of old as Adam Conspiracy Theory of same fishy efficiency to fight against as to put an ashtray on crotch racket.) TNZ staff is delighted to see hoax audience is intelligent enough to realize that war on invisible common enemy has nothing to do with open mindedness as it is and reasonably practicable and noble aim of Healing the World.

2. Death of Count Dracula Romanian Double (Ula-la we love you, Bogdana!)

3. World Health Organization Treat and Mr. Jackson’s firm intention to reveal their secret about mass-casualty biological weapon directly to public at his concerts.

4. Conversion Mohammedanism, etc.

More simple theories and plotlines eligible for hand-to-mouth Photoshop’s skills like “SONY/AEG Treat”, “Dave Dave = MJ”, “Pseudonym in D-certificates” caught on and absorbed fair amount of ordinary players.
Some strands of this interactive performance seem to be created solely for laugh examination of the people stupidity credulity limits and for exploration What Dreams May Come how far fertile imagination of the author would guide. Among this amazing examples of creativity are:

1. The Legend of White Double Jonathan (there were no similar black one around) who has been filling in for gone long time ago real Michael Jackson since the eighties.
2. The Legend of Cassandra "she who entangles men" and her father-in-l.o.l. King Priam Derek Klontz
3. The Dog Theory (round the fable that the autopsy results was of Mr. Jackson’s dog –Jackson, not of Mr. Jackson himself)
4. And finally, the pathetic Twins Theory
5. TNZ is ready to bear a hand in formulation of more improbable plots or to shoulder any other Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Through all your frequent exclamation "Oоооh, what a Great Adventure!" dealing with The Game as it is cannot but set a seal on all your life appreciation of Mr. Jackson. You could suspect that even his vitiligo is nothing but a myth and he was born white (Merely his family had been covering it up until his twenty four and then they began to wash him free from auto bronze cream little by little.)
Now (although it’s too late) we must pronounce the sacramental words: TAKE IT EASY that could not be spoken by the creator of the Game for you wouldn't play it so devotedly at that rate.

At that rate, you would not pass through such an invaluable experience of actual love and death as Romeo and Juliette as you did during these five months, having followed Mr. Jackson to Hades, as Orpheus followed Eurydice, to raise him from the dead.

We have passed through Mr. Jackson's Alternative Wonder World as well as you have; so we are dead sure that it was worth it, that the mission is possible, that Eurydice Mr. Jackson will relive with a whole skin and, what is more important, enriched with unprecedented experience.
Though he was on the other side of the Moon, he was on other side of the screen; he passed through the looking glass.
Though he saw the other side.


"Oh, East is East, and West is West,
and never the twain shall meet."
Rudyard Kipling, Barrack-room ballads

"All the ways you wish you could be, that's me.
I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck,
I am smart, capable, and most importantly,
I am free in all the ways that you are not."
(Chuck Palahniuk, 'Fight Club')

Finally, we would like to remind you of MAGIC MIRROR MAZE.
Don’t forget that the main clue of the game is substitution of notions then a lie becomes a truth and a truth turns into false. To believe in lie or to disbelieve? To distrust in truth or to trust? The Game is above black-n-white perception.


It actually takes TWO TO TANGO.
One of those should be selfless and shy, generous and gentle -- to follow; other one, shameless and daring, unfearing and torrid, he should be above any limits -- to lead the dance.
It takes TWO to dance with a DEATH. The two have yet to reverse their roles time and again. They will dance, they will fight, they will quarrel. They will sell us that we have seen nothing yet, over and over. So we, over and over, time and again will buy this two-in-one. We will believe everything, knowing that we have to believe nothing. We will believe honestly, against everything. We will believe repeatedly. Only because we know, for a certainty, this metaphysical pair is up and equal to anything.
So let this dance last. Let this quarrel burn. Let this battle go on endlessly. Because this dance and this battle is nothing else, but LIFE as it is. So be it.

Jack: Tyler, what the fuck is going on here?
Tyler Durden: I ask you for one thing, one simple thing.
Jack: Why do people think that I'm you? Answer me!
Now answer me, why do people think that I'm you.
Tyler Durden: I think you know.
Jack: No, I don't.
Tyler Durden: Yes, you do. Why would anyone possibly confuse you with me?
Jack: Uh... I... I don't know. [Random flashbacks]
Tyler Durden: You got it.
Jack: No.
Tyler Durden: Say it.
Jack: Because...
Tyler Durden: Say it.
Jack: Because we're the same person.
Tyler Durden: That's right.
(Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club)

Supposing this metaphysical pair was physical, supposing there were two real Michaels Jacksons able to rock the world, they would think properly of 'broadening the field of struggle'.


Hello Michael .. How are you .. ??? and you know what ? I LOVE YOU !!!
P.S if you read this .. send me an e-mail
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WoW!! This is a provocative ariticle, IMO. I will admit I am tired and I have a hard time to process it all preperly, I find it is a complex article. It made me think twice, to perhaps be more affirmative and stick to my guns. In a way I do in my everyday life entourage however I dont always on the hoax sites because respect becomes my #1 priority, I just dont see the point in arguing and getting upset over a different point of view with other members. Instead I am very open minded on the ideas put out there by other members and always take a look into them before putting them aside. I have not dismissed 1 single theory so far and wont until we have solid concrete professional unquestionable proof. Anyway great article, thank you for posting.


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