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 40 clues This is it

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40 clues This is it Empty
Post40 clues This is it

This is what someone posted at the site of Derek Clontz:

As Cassandra had said, would have 33 tracks in the movie, and already there are people who found them. ‘ll Post some here and I will change all and add other things that I noticed.
1. In RIP, in In Memoria, no mention, nothing.
It was like he was alive. A lot of movies have “In Memoriam of …”. This has nothing about it.

2. The message of Heal The World at the end.
For me, of course, the final cause ‘MJ believers knew would only see it through and could understand what he was talking about. This is a message of hope and an order!

3. “This is It” song at the end of the film.
Besides the fact that fits perfectly to the end. This gives us a “feeling of flying, is not it? It’s like a burden off our coasts. Then he sings “I am the light of the world”, which connects with the “Men of Light, at the beginning.” Michael was the light, that is, he loves us and now is the time to show love, and be the light of the world as well.

4. Smooth Criminal movies.
The 1st is Gilda ([url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilda]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilda[/url]) about a man who faked his own death and comes back for revenge. “At that moment, Mundson reappears, armed with a pistol. He had faked his death to deceive the Nazis, parachuting out of the plane undetected. He faked his own death to fool the Nazis, parachuting out of airplanes detected.” Coincidence Michael choose and interpret just a character who fakes death for revenge, no? Even the actor who plays this character in the film’s Birthday along with Michael “George Macready (August 29, 1899″
And the 2nd is The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse ([url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amazing_Dr._Clitterhouse]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amazing_Dr._Clitterhouse[/url]) a doctor who committed the crime for scientific reasons (Murray!?).
Gina sings the song “Blame on Mame” with the movie fits perfectly and other w / Murray.

5. Penguin dance step
I asked myself a lot because MJ would create something so silly. Typing penguin “and love”, Google comes out with this: “When a penguin finds its mate, they stay together forever. So, is love Penguin. ([url=http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=pt-BR&ie=UTF-8&sl=en&tl=pt&u=http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=penguin]http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=pt-BR&ie=UTF-8&sl=en&tl=pt&u=http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=penguin[/url] love & prev = & _t = rurl translate. google.com.br & usg = ALkJrhgpkkaURO7kUvgAkRwzj1PGG9WBwA) Perhaps the MJ to show that he loves us and that Michael (and we) will be together forever!?

6. “Let me breathe on my own time”
We’ll have to wait, he has this time for him and for us. He is preparing something big, but he has to gain strength first.

7. K.O. quote: “Make sure that someone will be there waiting for Michael with a flashlight.”
The light at the end of the tunnel in darkness. It’s us. We are the ones with the lights showing him the way he should go so he can return.

8. Michael quote: “That’s why we rehearse.”
I think he is saying that all this was a test, the real thing will start from now … Or was trying to make a point of speaking the whole time he was testing, so as not look like it was a movie, only it was a movie, and tests …

9. Michael quote: “I have to protect my voice”
But he was always trying to give your best. The thing is, he had to protect his message, not his voice. He failed to protect her voice, literally, but he made his message protected, leaving the Heal the World clip at the end.

10. The text of the movie says nothing about his death, only that “the concert never happened.”
The great proof that he is alive! No need to ask, right!?

11. Special thanks to Michael at the end.
How can a dead man to make a special thanks? Unless he did before he died, but he would make a special thank you to a concert? He is alive, that’s it!
Even more thanks to understanding and patience of all because it’s an adventure, a great adventure!

12. 2012 Trailer
As I saw, everyone is talking about it. It seems that the trailer was shown around the world (I’m in Brazil, and 2012 Trailer was there too). Only one explanation: 4 years, the reason for the fraud.

13. “I’m taking you for a great adventure. There is no need to fear”
Yes, it has to be a great adventure, we scaried sometimes be scary and maybe (this word exist?: P) but as great adventurers, let’s win this final and have a great and happy.

14. Dancer quote: “I need something to shake my world and this is (this is it)”
He is really shaking our world. We all need it, and he did it. This Is It, this woke us and now we just have to keep us awake and with eyes wide open.

15. Michael Orianthi the quote: “This is your time to shine”
Perhaps only one thing to give you confidence, but think of “This Is It” song and the Man of Light in the beginning. He really wanted to say: “This is our time to shine,” we as believers. It’s our time to be the light of the world.

16. Michael statement on playing with the audience of the clip at the end of Human Nature.
He’s playing with us, but for good reason. I’m starting to believe the truth that twitters Kenny with toys are actually means that they are toys. (Love 2 toy is Michael, though)

17. Tractor kills the girl and MJ (phase) and then they return at the end.
It appears that the tractor is the media, so much so that Michael asked for silence when the tractor is behind him about to slay him, and he asks to close his mouth for silence.

18. The girl with the whole world in his hands.
This time, Michael has the whole world in his hands. The media is the world. They say you should dress, eat, talk, have prejudices about. When Michael returns, he will bring the media down. After that, people will not believe anything that they publish without searching. He will rule the world, we will rule the world.

19. The high quality of films.
It was clearly pre-planned. The best way for it to spread your world more effectively than with concerts and at the same time, come back later, as the film’s producer and director.

20. In RIP No, the In Memoriam in the CD.
Again, as if he never died! (Do not know if this counts as evidence of the film, but since it is part of the movie …)

21. Light Man
As mentioned in 15, states that “it is the light of the world” and that it can be that too, as those who had, before the man was the light appears.

22. Michael quote: “We’re going to show things that were never disclosed before”
You can only think there is more to come, it is good or not, I do not know, but there is something more. There could be all about the show or movie.

23. Michael quote: “Be patient”.
We must have patience, it will be difficult at times (it was), but he’ll be back. Faith, hope and patience, is all I tell people!

24. Spirit descending from heaven at the end of Thriller.
Resurrection! Resurrection! He’ll be back o / He’ll be back o /
Once the voice has finished speaking the frozen wrist would hit and he would die immediately, he and the dancers do poses a resurrection and angelic music is played in the background.

25. This Chroma Key
A large area of chroma key is shown, ideal size and ideals seats, equipment in the same position they are at the funeral that surrounded the burial area is but a projection of Chroma, the trees are like paintings.
Everywhere he took us as never seen before, it was all in the past

26. Track JCC?
In They Dont Care About Us army recalls that two lane jr, the “sun shines on everyone” and “alert the head of steel, and the sun shining in all ta behind the letter M and all are with a steel reinforcement in head.

27. Formal language
The treatment that uses Michael Kenny is quite formal: “You can take your water Michael”, “Mr. Jackson wants to turn the music down?” Nor does it seem that they know more than 20 years … Everything was recorded with stereo microphone and formal because it is a movie.

28. Where?
The funeral and burial were also recorded in HD, to the point that all are sure that the scenes would be included in the movie, that was the only way, to be justified recording 2 burials, most of these scenes have not gone anywhere near there. A short is coming?

29. Cut scenes from the trailer
Scenes from the trailer that appeared in the movie when he says “this is it the moment”, as he is with lollipop in hand, and others were in the trailer and did not appear in the film, has anyone seen it?

30. Steps
He did his footsteps most unique and famous, where’s Lean and The Moonwalk? Are essential and trademark in the history of MJ. Will we be This Is It 2? 100 hours of testing can ‘t enjoy a lot yet … Was looking like it has not been completed, I smell a “to be continue”

31. Closing credits
Who was the end witness can complete the main message of the film: [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uY_9y79I8M]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uY_9y79I8M[/url] “Let me breathe in my own time and then get back again” “Let me breathe in my own time and then back again ”
He unbuttoned his coat as if coming out of winter and returning in early summer, when it would complete a year of death.

32. Once the speeches
Because “the love of Joe and Kat? He always says he loves his brothers, but because this time he added Joe and Kat, but not the sisters?

33. “We have over 4 years to fix it”
4 years should be counted from 2008 or 2009? 2009 Count Reckoning say, mathematics would say 2008 (which means that he recorded back in 2008) (Following the thesis of the prophecy that the end of the world is in 2012)

34. Stunt?
It seemed that there were stuntmen (unless stunt Smooth Criminal), but I found it strange that he is always changing his watch from right to left, and Mike too. Why? Behind the scenes of Smooth Criminal has to see clearly 2 MJ’s together.

35. Liz Taylor says
Liz Taylor asks us to look at the message in black and white and Man in the Mirror. Why? Only one thing I remember is that Michael has not forgotten that they were going to sing the second verse, and he insists on his error. It could be something? Second verse would start here (do not remember): “They print my message / On Saturday the sun / I had to tell them / that is not insurmountable.” Message? Hmmm

36. 3D? 4D?
The concert will take 3D parts, how? I can not imagine it, unless they were going to make holograms (which would be higher, right?) That reminds me of Kenny said they want a 4D version of the film. Perhaps the 4D version will appear when he returns?

37. Why?
By Kenny says “Church of Rock and Roll”, after Billie Jean performance? It could mean something else?

38. Symbol’s head girl
Nobody mentioned the symbols in the Earth Song, “the girl’s face, there were three or 4 total i just watched again, but could not get a clear idea of what they are … an era where one would Bhindi but it was a project and other been around the top of your eyes and hair, one green, one blue that I think was a red mmmmmmm anyone?

39. Credits
The Forum is an arena in LA they practiced there before the concert was so great that they have to move to the Staples Center.
Another clue. At the end of the movie “Man in the Mirror” Michael is doing and the screen turns to a photograph. This is the same pose and a shirt as seen in memorail when the screen reads “I’m Alive and Here Forever” this time he said: “Michael Jackson King of Pop Love Lives Forever” or something close. It gave me chills.
Also in the credits said post-production in Culver City Studios. KO said that he was hiding in a room doing post-production at AEG Live (across from Staples Center) is not Culver City. Culver City is the site of the green screen studios. And post-production is what is done after the footage was taken so that there can be a reference to the shooting green screen has been done before!

40. Final


40 clues This is it T365095302_65217_6
Hello Michael .. How are you .. ??? and you know what ? I LOVE YOU !!!
P.S if you read this .. send me an e-mail
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40 clues This is it :: Comments

Re: 40 clues This is it
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:03 pm by billyjean
Also, what I have noticed and I expected this but was but I was surprised to find out that in the beginning, none of the dancers made a memorial speach. That was odd. Usually they have at the beginning of a movie when a famouse person just died and they have people talking, they have them make a memorial speach but instead, they were talking about when they were chosen to be his dancers.
Re: 40 clues This is it
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:35 pm by Admin
yes it is realy odd its was not like an documentry evryone ws talking how they got selected and only ppls who have worked with kenny were selected its to odd
Re: 40 clues This is it
Post on Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:08 am by billyjean
Yes, it is. So, I would call that 41 clues unless we've seen something else.
Re: 40 clues This is it
Post on Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:10 am by Admin
yes you r rite
Re: 40 clues This is it
Post on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:00 pm by brandy6988
Nothing to do with the movie- But on michaeljackson.com does anyone see anything that is not fan written that says r.i.p or anything like that???
Re: 40 clues This is it
Post on Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:00 am by Admin
Well i didn't saw anything like that
Re: 40 clues This is it
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40 clues This is it

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