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mjhoax death
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 the truth.................

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Postthe truth.................


Okay, I'm gonna tell you again, which I have posted several times before, about how I felt from day one.

Let's start with the messages of the songs,concerts and music videos of Michael. He touches very much on racism, poverty, nature, children, the sick, even war victims, 911 victims, natural disaster victims, drug victims - and all of these things the media never showed or covered to show the real Michael Jackson. They distorted the facts and maligned him. So, Michael has a big scale effect on the world.

If he touches the world's problems, then the political department, medical department, legal and justice department, the music department, the movie department, religion, media (radio,tv and news prints) are all in part of the main cause of the world's problems and they are all under one puppeteer.

Let's take him as a part of the entertainment industry. He communicates about these problems to the people through his songs, concerts and music videos.
He studied the past history of artists, politicians and humanitarians, studied them on what went wrong, who caused the wrong, why, how and what led to their deaths/assasinations.

The puppeteer controls all of these departments and pays them well- compensates them well that they cannot say no at all. So, the easiest way to control Michael is through the media(news prints, tv and radio) by building a very destructive image of Michael. And with the media - you have all these interviewers, newscasters and show hosts who would come as friends in the beginning because they know that Michael opens his heart to everybody but actually were being paid to do so.

The next control would be the music industry itself where you have different record companies like Sony. Sony is part of Time Warner and where Warner Bros. is a part of. So, everybody knows that Michael stood up against Sony not only for himself but for other artists as well.

Then, the child molestation case came into the picture. There was never a coverage of the trial because broadcast was controlled by Time Warner's HBO where of course Sony is a part of Time Warner. So, Sony was part of the molestation case thing which isn't true and they paid a lot of people to have a case against Michael. Drugs were used on some children who claimed that Michael molested them. But he was acquitted.

Then Warner Bros. had to play their part by not releasing/stopping his short films like Captain Neo in Disneyland. His short film MOONWALKER was an American Film but Warner Bros. cancelled the plans for a theatrical release.

So, they really put a stop to everything of Michael's works. The time when Neverland was infiltrated, how many cars went to Neverland and planted evidences just to close down Neverland and it all happened when Michael was out of the country.

For certain, Sony couldn't manipulate Michael anymore. As you all know, the rehearsal footages taken were of 2008. Sony and Michael had this concept of a come back but Michael never wanted to be dictated upon or be controlled anymore so whatever the deal was, he had to put his foot down and stand for his own ideas. Of course, that offended Sony big time so thay came out with the promotion of the come back concert as they had planned and I know deep in my heart Michael had other plans.

So Sony and their goons/other manipulators would have to proceed to Plan B because Michael can no longer be dictated upon. And the idea of Plan B was top secret to them and they had to do some damage control. But Michael because he's so keen to be one step ahead of these bad people had to disappear with the help of Some Good People who has the same heart as Michael. Of course Sony and the manipulators had panicked because he's no where to be found.Then the JUNE 25 came where it was a very good scheme agenda for making more money with the manipulators. Then the Memorial had to follow to make up for the investments Sony had projected. Then the Funeral followed and now the TII Movie wherein Sony had a great idea with the TII CD which was exposed, and of having DVD sold just in time for the Christmas season but the Theater Cos. never agreed with their idea of the DVD because ther's a rule that DVD can follow only 4 months after.

So for me, all of the media feeds, scripted dramas here and there are actually being played so blindly because no one really knows the whole scenario because it's better to keep it under the hat for the uncertainty of whom to trust - friends, family and associates. And all of what's happening may be an advantage to Michael in order that he may not be located at all. He has to stay away until there will be a big case on these manipulators which is a very grave case because the case involves a string of people in different parts of the government as well.

I know we must do something but what's happening to Michael is of a very high level. It's a very dangerous and sensitive situation. But his project which was portrayed in the TII rehearsal footages was about a very important message which he relates to the end of the world on 2012, that's why he said THIS IS IT, that we must do something now or else the world will end because of our own doing. He wants to tell people if we do something about what's destroying the world now, then the world will not end because we care.

For me, I pray everyday for Michael's safety and release because I know he wants to be among all of us. So, in the meantime, he walks around without anybody knowing it's him and that's a good thing. The doubles may have been placed there to confuse the manipulators/traitors that sometimes these people don't even know that it's really Michael already. He gets a big laugh about it because he can see things clearly now of who to trust and who to work with in the coming days.

I do hope, I made things a little bit easier for you by understanding how serious the situation is and we just cannot jeopardise the plans of protection of Michael and the exposure of the devious works of the manipulators/traitors.

So pray hard, and even offer some sacrifices for Michael's safety because he's doing so much good for the world and the future of mankind.

and ther r many more things wht do you guys think

this is one side of the truth as we have seen in the movie that smoth crimenel part and you must have noticed that mj gave msg in earth part only and it shows somethin abou naziz and disasters and 2012 is the time of cahnge and disaster and ther r somany posts about nazi and illuminati thing here so im thinking that it has also something to do with it he knows smething that made him to fake his death an try to stop it its realy a big issue and he is standing alone we have to find out the truth and help him we just cant sit he and left him alone in this he is doing it for us and we have to do it for him and us im trying to get more info but it will take sometime if lii get something ill post it and even during This Is It we could hear Michael's voice commenting on rainforests, politics etc, it was like he was being interviewed, but we couldn't see his face...I mean, was it part of the rehearsal too? no i dont think so its his msg to us we must do something
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the truth.................

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